Violence and Aggression in Sports Coaching Programs

In sports coaching programs the skills of an individual are developed in a manner for which they can be subsequently transferred. The individual gets wide options for jobs after he graduates from coaching programs. Some may think that one can get only the job of coaching. But undoubtedly this particular thought is not right. An individual can join different sections of the sports authority, and not only, by showing the skills he has learnt during coaching programs. For this you need to be a good coach or at least have an idea on how to train a player or a team.

Many people have a misconception that a particular coach only needs to train players. It is true that the main job is to train players but the individual must also have some manager qualities inside himself. A good coach knows how to train the players. Training a player does not only mean to develop the gaming skills; instead psychological training along with physical training is very much necessary. It is the coach who trains the player to keep calm during a tense situation in a particular game.

After graduating from any sports coaching program, an individual has the option of joining any sports authority as the director, as a mentor, as the chief advisor or as the coach of an international team, state team or a club team. Other than these, there are many other positions which recruit coaches. The graduates also have the option of becoming a coach educator. If we look upon the state and the international teams, we will notice that most of the coaches of the world were great sportsmen and highly skilled in their respective sports. To become a good coach, you need to know the particular sport perfectly.

It has been witnessed how aggression and violence becomes a part of most sports coaching programs. If we go bit deep into the matter, we will see that aggression and violence come hand in hand. But we need to understand that it is the aggression that brings violence along with it or vice versa. The fact is that all the coaches love and care their players. The coach never wants to see his or her player or team to lose any matches. The team’s loss seems to be the coach’s loss. Whenever a team loses in most cases the coach is blamed and many times we see that the fans make the coach villain.

Aggression that is showed by the coach is mostly intentional. The coach makes the players charged by showing aggression. It may turn into violence in the later half. But these are part of the coaching system. When violence seems to be a deliberate effort, then the aggression results in physical injury of the players. In most cases the aggression that is showed by the coach is transferred by the players on the field against the opponents. And, in the process, the players may get into violence on the field. So controlled deliberate effort has to be made by the coach to make sure that their players understand that it is part of the coaching system and they have to accept this particular fact.

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