Should children specialise in one sport?

Gone are the days when children used to play or were allowed or given the opportunity to play only one particular sport. Nowadays with the development of sports technology and the right environment provided by schools, it has become a must for any school to have almost all facilities with respect to all sports so that each and every child may have the opportunity to play different sports, depending on their interest and with the main intention to not bind their natural inclination. Now the important question that lies here is: is it good enough for students to be prone to playing only one kind of sport or, instead, is it harmful in the long run?

It has been studied, analysed and eventually proved that it is actually harmful for an individual, and particularly for a child to get prone to playing only one sport. According to coach-K, who is a specialist in the sector, there are four types of injuries possible when it comes to a child being specialised or only playing one kind of sport. The first most important type of injury is overuse injury. Overuse injury stems out from the fact that if a certain sport is played year after year it will tend to only pressurise certain parts of the body. The second most important injury that occurs is the burn injury. If you continue playing a certain game for a long period of time, there will come a time where everything will burn. Also playing the same sport each and every day will take away the interest from the sport and thus it is better that there is a good mix in the sports being played.

Nonetheless if you continue to play only one game time after time, there will come a day when your brain will just be stagnant and will not respond as quickly as someone who is playing all different kinds of sports with different levels of speed, accuracy, time and mental focus. It is also recommended by paediatricians that a child is needed to play different kinds of sports for the overall development and the balance of the human body. It is very essential for both the physical and the emotional setup of the child. Playing only one kind of sport will bring a sense of monotonicity in the life of the kid which will slowly and gradually bring about a change in his behaviour and his mood. Thus a child being able to play different games in different situations can adapt to everyday life better.

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