The connection between Youth and Concussions

Concussion can be best defined as any injury that occurs to the head as a result of a sharp blow. All concussions are serious and their effect can be seen in a few years down the line if not immediately. Most youth sports these days have a lot of scope for damage and hence there are constant regulators to ensure the safety of the young players of each respective sport. It is always important to recognize concussions at the earliest so as to avoid any undue problems in the future with respect to braindamage or any other related issues.

One of the best ways to stop concussion is to nip it at the bud. Whenever an athlete gets a blow on the head, it is important to check if there are any signs of movement in the head in a rapid manner or even a change in the athlete’s behavior, thinking and the physical functioning. When there is a hit on the head, even a mild bump or a dinging sensation should not be taken casually and there should atleast be a checkup to find if there is no internal damage. Many a time, young athletes find it not matching their personality to go and have a head checkup for a small dent on the head. However, these are some of the most important instances as they account for some of the most important damages in the long run. The United States accounts for over 3.8 million concussion related injuries which arise from sports activities and hence one must start giving a serious thought to such incidents.

To overcome any scope of head damage, the US Soccer association has already put a ban to the concept of heading for those below the age of 12. These athletes are not physically ready to face such drastic impacts on the head as it is still in the developmental phase. Hence in such cases it is seen that one must always have a backup ready so that such undue situations can be cleverly avoided. The coaches should be well trained so that they can educate each of their team members on the negative effects of a head bang. Some of the best coaches are extremely effective in ensuring the safety of their team members and implementing various safety measures for them as well.

Youth is always associated with a lot of zeal, excitement and a lot of risk. Young athletes always try to strive to do better and at times might not know the limits and hence there should be some guidance given to them by the coaches so that problems related to youth concussions and other such related problems can get reduced, if not eliminated. Youth concussions are a growing concern and proper steps should be taken to ensure that the young athletes can stay strong and healthy so that they have a proper future shaped for them which is filled with a lot of positivism and energy.

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