A Coach’s Guidebook

Sport is in itself a very essential part of growing up of an individual. Sports cannot be compensated or compromised with any other happening. Sports help individuals both physically and mentally. They act as a good divergence from your workplace or academics. Sports managed by schools and universities are part of their extra – curricular activities. Sports can be also organized otherwise at a local scale in one’s neighbourhood. Playing any kind of sport does not have essentially any age limit and can be played by the young and the aged.

In this article we are mainly going to focus on the various aspects of being a manager or a coach when it comes to a certain sport. Obviously, each and every sport has different rules and thus the way a coach is supposed to train his team is different but on a general note, irrespective of the game being played the coach has some moral and ethical principles that are to be followed otherwise too. We are now going to elaborate on a few rules and behavioural pattern that has to be followed when coaching a team.

Firstly you need to have a pre required certificate stating that you are eligible to coach a team for any sort of sport. Secondly, the next important fact being that game or sport that you intend to coach, you should have an expertise in playing it. Not that it is an absolute necessity but it does act as an advantage. With respect to the first aid and what to do in times of serious injury should also be known to the coach well before hand. He should have a specified set of rules and regulations that he will have to maintain and that can help the selection of the team and the team in the long run.

There are also some small tips and instruction that ought to be followed by people who already have become coaches. These tips will help them become better coaches and instructors. The coach should take the team to watch a local or an interstate match in their spare time. This is as good, if not more beneficial than their practice. This will help the individuals, rather the player to work better to achieve their goals.

Learning the skills being played can be best done by practicing it and thus it is equally essential to make sure that you have a good hand at playing the sport equally well too. Scoring process is too very important in any game and thus apart from the rules of the gam what is more essential to explain to one and all is the way in which the game.

Formulating a coach’s guidebook is not an easy task at all because a coach has to do it all. He/she has to take care of the physical mental and emotional stability of the girl. A coach of the team playing a sport is the guiding light and thus needs to set an example before others.

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