Attributes of a Successful Coach

Becoming a sports coach is not an easy task and has a lot of responsibilities associated with it. There are many who actually relate a good coach to someone who has the best team, but fail to realize that it is also true that the teams that have improved their relative performance are also indebted to their coaches. The best teams might be stagnant in the growth and might just perform in a similar manner, however, underdogs that manage to rise up the ladders are actually the ones who are grateful to their coaches for the excellent effort put in.

A sports coach has certain attributes which needs to be fulfilled to ensure that he has reached a standard which can be deemed respectable. One of the basic and essential attributes is leadership. Along with leadership, a coach should be skilled and knowledgeable. He should have a competitive spirit and have that zeal and enthusiasm in him going strong. An in depth analysis on these attributes can help one to understand the functions of coaches.


Every athlete has great expectations to become like his coach and hence one of the primary responsibilities is to act like a leader. This is important as it helps athletes to get that initial momentum and push which is required for them to perform exceptionally. A coach eventually needs to take up the roles of a manager and if he is unable to do this, the team stats suffering because they start looking at their coach for answers and finally give up in their interests.


A coach needs to be skilled and up to date with the knowledge of his field of expertise so that he can constantly train his team with new techniques so as to gain an upper edge over the rest. Along with that, every coach should be understanding and focus on what are the specific needs of the team members. Most team members will find it difficult to accept the decision by the coach, but a coach needs to make them understand that this is where they can excel the most and need to convince them that this is for the benefit of the team, because essentially a team’s goals rules over one’s personal goals.


Every coach needs to have that zeal and enthusiasm going storing in him so that he can motivate his athletes. Every athlete looks upon their coach for moral and mental support and if they find and lack in motivation, they shall give up on their dreams easily and this shall affect the team in the long run.


Every coach should be as professional as he can. Use of foul language is not accepted as it has a bad effect on the team members. Moreover, getting too close and personal with the athletes should not be encouraged as it affects the coach in his responsibilities as there tends to be a sense of leniency when it come to controlling the team members.

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