The different methods of coaching

coachingWhen we introduce the word coaching, the first thing that strikes our mind is the simple fact that we are dealing with the sports business. Coaching however can take form in many ways. Here I am mainly going to list the three main forms of coaching besides the sports one.

The first one is the Life Coaching. Usually this takes place at an initial stage of a person’s life, when one wants to solve some very personal issues which anchor him and he is not able to evolve without an external help. The problems may concern career changes, relationship difficulties and various other areas. These issues if not tackled at the right time can prove to be very dangerous for yourself and can also have a lot of bad effects on the people around you. Life Coaching always refers to issues that deal with personal life matters and generally something of a serious nature.

Coming to the second type of coaching we have the Executive Coaching. The Executive Coaching, as the name suggests, tells us that a highly professional individual is hired by senior managers to help take serious business decisions like company acquisitions, mergers etc. Jobs like consultancy fall under this category and many of these executive coaches are nothing but businessmen themselves who have worked on likely situations.

The third category is the Leadership and Management Coaching. This type of coaching concerns relationships and procedures impacting the management or the leadership or whoever acts as a head and is entrusted with the responsibility to manage a team of people in a company, business or organisation. Important skills will be transferred from the coach to leaders or managers, from creative problem solving, to understanding interpersonal dynamics at work, to leading with a strong sense of social responsibility. The coach should also teach how to develop important self-reflection skills and empathy. All these characteristics will make a successful management or leadership.

We have briefly listed above three different types of coaching and if we study them very carefully we can see that there is a common lining between all. There is a common goal behind the philosophy of coaching. Coaching generally deals with the extraction of potential in an individual. Coaching is the process to bring about the end result. There has been a lot of Eastern influence in the way coaching has been done and we have been well equipped with all the resources that are needed to achieve the best possible results. Coaching as we have seen takes many forms, but irrespective of that, the major goal is to get the job well done. If even despite your teaching or managing and being a mentor, the team or the individual do not perform and do not meet the required potential, do not express their talents and abilities at the fullest, then the coaching is a failure and your techniques need to be revised and adapted. Thus while choosing the method of coaching, you have to analyse properly the general environment you will be in, and the various challenges you may have to face and make sure that the selected approach will be the more likely to succeed and produce the desired effects, beforehand, before even starting.

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