Dealing with Parents in Youth Sports Coaching Camps

It has been always a tough job to handle the parents of youth players. Coaches explain that when the parents get involved in coaching camps of their respective children, it become really tough to handle the situation and they also say that the particular issue is a very touchy one. Most of the parents want their children to fulfill their own dreams and in this process over-stress their sons or daughters. Many times it has witnessed that parents stand near the training ground and give commands to their wards. But the child may be already busy with the task that has been recommended by the respective coach of that training camp. This is the time when children get confused and frustrated. The parent of the child will keep yelling from the sideline as if he is the coach of that camp. The parents do not try to understand that this process is wrong as their children get confused and try to do both the tasks at the same time and finally get embarrassed as they clearly fail to follow both the commands. This is a major issue in most of the youth sports training camps.

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